Clarity and Momentum

Grow Together is a set of frameworks designed to help leaders gain clarity and momentum, without burning out.

Potential and Purpose

GT is designed for ambitious people with potential and purpose, so that they can avoid confusion, isolation and stagnation on their way to success.

One Year

If you systematically apply these frameworks you will enjoy some benefits immediately and you can continue to build on them throughout your whole career.

However for the sake of clarity the book is optimised to help you achieve a big win within one year. This can include getting promoted, successfully delivering a complex project and/or accumulating a string of assets that will pay dividends over time.

Initiative and Connection

I believe that leadership is about initiative and connection and that means that you don’t have to be a boss to lead.

If you strive to make people’s lives better in some way and you invite others to work with you towards that end then you are a leader.


Grow Together is based on four pillars:

  1. Understanding what people know, believe and want using the Listen Ask Observe (LAO) framework .
  2. Communicating well by making your communication Concise, Concrete and Meaningful (CCM) for your intended audience.
  3. Making things. Making things people want. Making things that will pay dividends. Learning just enough to make (or do) something interesting.
  4. Maintaining balance by applying healthy Limits, taking care of adequate Regeneration and fuelling your efforts with Meaning.

Battle Tested

Grow Together is based on over a decade of experience and is tested with multiple leaders I’ve worked with over the years.

The principles and tactics described above were also battle tested by students of the first cohort of Grow Together Academy.

Early Access

The book is in early stages of development. If you’re interested sign up for updates below or reach out to me directly.