Grow Together Academy is a one-month, cohort-based leadership development program.

Grow Together Academy Cohort 1 happened in May/June 2021.

Stay tuned for future cohorts. In the meantime check out the book.

GTA participants form teams and create a meaningful product together, while at the same time deeply reflecting on how they can inspire, guide and support – i.e. lead – their teams.

With the skills you learn during GTA you will be better equipped to help your current team succeedor build a new team around an exciting vision.

GTA was created by Michał Parkoła with the support of Richard Kasperowski and is based on a deep study and extensive experience with proven leadership methods that work in the trenches. GTA takes Agile, Clean Language and Core Protocols and distills them into a consistent, action-oriented framework.

Who is GTA for?

GTA is for people whose success depends on their ability to build and lead great teams.

  • The kind of teams that are stronger then the sum of their members.
  • The kind of teams that know how to bring out the best in everyone.
  • The kind of teams that people don’t want to leave and remember as the best team they were ever on.
  • The kind of teams that achieves results people didn’t think were possible.
  • And finally: the kind of teams that does not leave casualties along the way.

If you’re leading a team that you deeply believe has untapped potential – GTA will give you a framework of powerful principles and effective tactics to help you realize that potential.

If you have a strong vision, but you don’t have a team yet – GTA teaches how to attract the right kind of people and guide them through the challenges ahead.

What is it about?

The main focus of GTA is helping leaders grow in their ability to nurture exceptional teams that create and learn together.

By going through GTA:

  • You will build learning into everything you do. You will build a habit of translating ideas into actions. You will consistently reflect on your efforts to quickly climb towards mastery.
  • You will notice things you might have missed before: You will listen with intense curiosity. You will ask revealing questions. You will pick out key details by observing without bias.
  • You will learn with everyone around you with Clean Feedback.
  • You will then transform all this learning into creation:
  • You will learn how to create a compelling vision that drives real action. You will tell inspiring stories and then translate them into concrete reality.
  • You will learn to avoid fruitless discussions by making your communication Concrete, Concise and Meaningful.
  • You will learn how to quickly gain momentum by adopting the turn up the good pattern – you will find what works best and amplify it instead of getting stuck compensating for deficiencies.

And finally:

  • You will be able to create stronger teams by transforming conflict into learning before it gets destructive.

How does it work

Grow Together Academy has three pillars:

A: GTA is organized around a real creative project you will tackle with a small team of participants from all over the world. Your and your GTA-team will create something meaningful together, something none of you could have created alone. Something you can all be proud of.

The work will be split into synchronous group sessions and asynchronous work between those sessions.

B: Direct experience is very important BUT it is mostly wasted without reflection. That’s why apart from the group project you will reflect and exchange feedback that will help you notice, understand and influence team dynamics you have encountered.

C: On top of that, you will interact across working groups during instructor-led workshops and learn from additional materials as needed.

GTA lasts four weeks and requires about 8h/week of effort distributed throughout the week.

The work is split into:

  • 6h of instructor-led workshops (1.5h/week)
  • 10h of group work sessions (2.5h/week)
  • around 10h of collaborative async work (2.5h/week)
  • around 6h of capturing and sharing reflections (1.5h/week)

Where will it happen

  1. Founder-led events and workgroup sessions happen on Zoom.
  2. Reflections are captured in a private community forum.
  3. The results of collaborative async work can be kept in any tool the team chooses (recommended common ground: Google Docs).
  4. Learning materials and additional resources will be available on the web (during and after the cohort).


GTA kicks off on Monday May 17th, 2021 and runs for 4 weeks.


The price of participating in the program is $1400 (incl. VAT if applicable, invoice available). Please contact us if you need help asking your employer for reimbursement.

If you decide the program is not for you you can request a full refund within the first two weeks.

Are you interested?

Sign up using the form below. Your will receive a welcome email. Please REPLY to this email with answers to the questions therein and I will contact you soon to schedule a 30 minutes call to to discuss your situation and enrol you in the academy IF you decide it is a good fit for you.